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Their Success

Dedicated to helping children grow by providing the tools they need to achieve success.

Preschool Program

A big step in development, preschool is an exciting time for both parent and child where we nurture your child’s cognitive, social-emotional, physical and creative development in a safe and secure, state-of-the-art environment. Our dedicated and passionate teachers follow a specially designed curriculum that encourages your child’s innate need for independence and promotes their ability to solve problems creatively.

Preschool Curriculum:

  • Experience Early Learning Curriculum

  • Links to Literacy Curriculum

  • Touch Screen Computers

  • Kindergarten Preparation w/ Weekly Skills and Concepts (Focus on Handwriting, Phonics, Art, Math, Alphabet, Number Recognition, Language, Literacy)

  • Learning Progress Tracked via Individualized Portfolio

  • Assessments Using the Brigance and Experience Early Learning Screenings

  • Foreign Language

  • Sign Language

  • Daily Reports on Eating, Sleeping and Other Daily Activities

  • Daily Schedule Alternating Activity Every 30 minutes

  • State-of-the-Art, Age-Specific Outdoor Play Areas

  • Camera Monitored Security

  • Treasure Island – A Socio-Dramatic Play Area Designed to Encourage Motor, Sensory, and Social Skills while Learning Role-Play in a Fun, Indoor Environment

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences Held Twice Yearly

Our programs are designed to empower your child to learn and cultivate essential skills for creativity, independence, problem-solving and more.

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