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Their Success

Dedicated to helping children grow by providing the tools they need to achieve success.

1-Year Olds Program

Treasure Kids Academy knows the importance of independence in your toddler’s development. Our enriched curriculum offers the vital tools, educational materials, scenarios, and space your child needs to progress cognitively, emotionally, academically and physically. Our teachers will learn about your child’s interests and needs to provide the proper activities to engage their curiosity and inspire their success in development in a safe and secure, state-of-the-art classroom environment.

1-Year Olds Curriculum:

  • Experience Early Learning Curriculum

    Emphasizing Art, Math, Early Literacy, Science, Etc.

  • Learning Progress Tracked via Individualized Portfolio

  • Monthly Assessments Completed using the Brigance Screenings

  • Foreign Language

  • Sign Language

  • Daily Reports on Eating, Sleeping & Other Daily Activities

  • Daily Schedule Alternating Activity Every 30 Minutes

  • State-of-the-Art, Age-Specific Outdoor Play Areas

  • Camera Monitored Security

  • Treasure Island – A Socio-Dramatic Play Area Designed to Encourage Motor, Sensory, and Social Skills while Learning Role-Play in a Fun, Indoor Environment

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences Held Twice Yearly

Our programs are designed to empower your child to learn and cultivate essential skills for creativity, independence, problem-solving and more.

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