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Their Success

Dedicated to helping children grow by providing the tools they need to achieve success.

Infant Program

From a specially tailored curriculum and schedule to a camera-equipped environment for safety, trust your infant to Treasure Kids Academy for the best childcare possible.

Infant Curriculum:

  • Bright Baby Curriculum

  • Learning Progress Tracked via Individualized Portfolio

  • Monthly Assessments Completed using the Brigance Screenings

  • Daily Reports on Eating, Sleeping and Other Daily Activities

  • Individual Cribs

  • Cribs for Sleeping Only

  • Sign Language

  • Ample Floor Time

  • Camera Monitored Security

  • Baby Food, Formula and Cereal Provided

  • Bye-Bye Buggy for Outdoor Excursions

  • State-of-the-Art, Age-Specific Outdoor Play Areas

  • Parent Preference Daily Routines - Sleeping & Eating Habits, Etc.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences Held Twice Yearly

Our programs are designed to empower your child to learn and cultivate essential skills for creativity, independence, problem-solving and more.

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